Camping Crater Lake

If you want to visit one of the United States’ most prominent natural spots along with the chance to camp near its natural beauties, you must add the Crater Lake National Park to your camping areas list. If this unique place is already in your list or you are planning to add it, you can find some useful information before visiting it in this article.


Crater Lake National Park is located in the southern part of the US state Oregon. The park is located near the famous Crater Lake. The lake is in the caldera of a destroyed volcano, and has a distinct blue color, because of its clean water and depth. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States with a maximum depth of 1,949 feet. The lake is entirely surrounded by cliffs, so it is only fed by precipitation.

The park encompasses 249 square miles of land. Its geographical features are results of the past volcano activities. There are small volcanic cones on the lake such as Wizard Island and Phantom Ship that are formed from small eruptions. Outside of the lake, there are large old-growth forests, and these forests house a wide range of wildlife, such as eagles, hawks, deer, bears, owls, grouse and songbirds, almost all of which are protected.


Since Crater Lake and the park has an elevation of 6,178 feet above sea level, it has generally cold weathers with icy, long winters and cold summers. Winter starts in September and continues through June, though the real cold starts in November and lasts until May with even the average high temperatures sitting around only mid-30 °F. Snow is very common during these 9-10 months, with the period of November through February receiving more than 70 inches of snow monthly. This heavy snowfall stays in early summer.

Summer months, namely July and August, are milder with average temperatures of 60-70 °F. These are also the driest months. The place receives the most precipitation from November to April.


There are 2 established campgrounds in Crater Lake National Park: Lost Creek Campground and Mazama Campground.

Mazama Campground is only open during summer months. There are more than 200 sites and RVs are accepted. There are showers, a gas station, a general store, flush toilets, potable water, bear lockers, laundry facilities and picnic tables.

Lost Creek Campground opens in July and closes in October. It is first-come, first-served. There are only 16 sites with picnic tables.

Best Time to Visit Crater Lake National Park

Because of the severe cold and the heavy snowfall, you cannot visit Crater Lake National Park during the winter months, especially during the coldest November – March period. Most services are closed and the weather is extreme. To experience the place properly, come in summer months.

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