Camping Near Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a popular spot and campsite for many recreational activities, such canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking and bicycling. It also has many different campgrounds for campers as well, and they are all beautiful thanks to the lake’s gorgeous geography. If you want to visit this popular spot soon and want to learn about it in advance, check out the details below.


Lake Tahoe is an alpine lake located on the state line between California and Nevada. It’s really big with a surface area of 191 sq mi, so the geography surrounding it is pretty varied. It has a couple of different cities on its shoreline, namely Tahoe City on its northwest shore and South Lake Tahoe on the south shore. A big majority of its surrounding land is covered by forests and mountains. The lake itself has 72 mi of shoreline and sits at an altitude of 6,225 ft.


Since the lake sits at a high altitude, expect cold temperatures, especially at night. Winters are cold, but it isn’t that bad with average high temperatures sitting around 40 °F. There is a lot of snow during the winter as snowfall numbers go around 35 – 45” during winter, and it makes the area a popular skiing area.

During summer, the lake’s low humidity goes even lower. Average high temperatures are around 60 – 75 °F while average low temperatures can go as low as 30 – 40 °F, so be prepared for chilly weather even if you go to Lake Tahoe at summer.


While the lake is open to visits year-round, most campgrounds that are near it are only open from May to October because of the heavy snowfall during winter, so keep that in mind.

If you want a campground on high ground and enjoy hiking, Mount Rose Campground overlooks Lake Tahoe from an elevation of 9,300 ft and has access to several hiking trails.

For an astonishing view of the lake and the mountains surrounding it with quality campsites, Nevada Beach is a great choice.

If you want extensive services such as laundry, RV dump, electric, cable TV, showers, water, flush toilets, general store and Wi-Fi, Zephyr Cove’s campgrounds near the beach and the marina can satisfy your desires.

If you want a more modest camping experience with beautiful white sand beaches, D.L. Bliss State Park located on the western shore is the perfect place for you.

To get in the dense forests surrounding the lake, make a reservation for Fallen Leaf.

If you love biking and want access to great bike trails and paths, Sugar Pine Point State Park is very close to popular biking trails.

To see the most beautiful turquoise water and rocky coves Lake Tahoe has to offer, Sand Harbor is a breathtaking spot.

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe

Just like most other vacation spots, Lake Tahoe peaks in visits during summer, especially in June and July. Other than that, because of the heavy snowfall, Lake Tahoe becomes a popular ski resort area during winter, and visit numbers rise again substantially. Unlike most national parks, the lake is open to visit year-round, so if you want to benefit from lower prices and dodge the crowds, visiting in spring or fall seasons is a good idea. If you don’t mind the high prices and population and want a warmer weather for the beach season and hiking, book for summer a couple of months in advance. Similarly, you can make reservations for various ski resorts in the area for winter.

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