Camping Oregon Coast

If you are an avid camper, camping near Oregon Coast’s jaw-dropping sceneries and natural wonders should definitely be on your bucket list. There are campgrounds suitable for all kinds of campers, be it RV camping, backpacking or traditional tent camping. If you are planning on visiting the People’s Coast, here is everything you need to know about its weather conditions, geography and visit times.


Oregon Coast is the coastal part of the western US state Oregon. It is 362 miles long and the Pacific Ocean borders it. Because of its length and different geological characteristics along the coast, it is divided into three regions: North Coast, Central Coast and South Coast.

North Coast is the region between the Columbia River and the Cascade Head. There is a flooding problem on this region because of the low land and floodplains. There are a lot of long, unbroken beaches along the North Coast and it houses the cities of Tillamook, Cannon Beach and Seaside.

Central Coast stretches from Cascade Head to Reedsport. There are a lot more bays and sea cliffs, and fewer sand beaches. There are a couple of cities, namely Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Waldport, and Yachats, but they are small because of the mountains pushing them to the ocean.

South Coast stretches from Reedsport to the California border. It is quite different from the other coast regions. There are many more mountains and forests along with long stretches of sea cliffs and beaches.


Oregon’s coastal areas have a wet, mild and cool climate overall. On central and northern regions, a small amount of snow falls in most winter months, but the temperature very rarely goes below zero. Winter months also see the most amount of rain, while summer is the driest. The number of sunny days year-round goes up as you go from north to south along the coast. Since they are coastal regions, temperature differences are small year-round and average highs sit around at 40 – 60 °F, peaking in September at 70 °F.


Cape Lookout State Park is a very close spot to the ocean and offers a variety of services such as free hot showers, restrooms, RV hookups and access to biking and hiking trails.

If you want access to 5 miles of open sandy beach along with the chance to see some amazing marina life habitats, make a reservation for Beverly Beach State Park’s campgrounds.

To combine your camping experience with some history, go to Fort Stevens Campground to visit the Military Museum and explore the site’s military past. It is also the biggest campground in the state with a whopping 482 campsites and 174 RV hook-ups.

If you are backpacking and want a free first-come, first-serve campground with amazing environment, Tillamook Head’s camping spots are for you.

To get a wonderful view at the ocean and other natural beauties on Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, Harris Beach State Park is a stunning destination.

To get away from the crowds, relax with your RV on the beach and watch the wildlife, Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park’s campsites on the east side of Highway 101 are a great choice.

Best Time to Visit Oregon Coast

The main attraction of Oregon’s coastal regions is the Pacific Ocean, so it is really populated during summer, especially its sand beaches. If you can make a reservation early and don’t mind the populated beaches, you can get a chance to visit the coast’s most amazing spots in summer, but there are quite a lot first-come, first-serve locations as well.

Thanks to its coastal climate, general temperatures and weather conditions don’t vary extremely, so you can still visit the coast during off-season, namely spring and fall. This is especially a great idea if you are into surfing, as the coast’s storms often create 30+ foot waves. September may be the best month to visit Oregon Coast for beaches, since the temperatures peak and there isn’t much rain yet. To catch the official Whale Watching Weeks, visit during the last week of December and the last week of March.

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