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Every outdoor lover should experience the Pacific’s beautiful beaches, and I can’t think of a better state to do that other than Washington. Apart from its beaches, the state has an extremely diverse geography, making it one of the best places to camp in. If it is in your bucket list to travel the diverse natural spots in this state, here’s everything you need to know beforehand to come prepared.


Washington is the northernmost state of the US. It bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the west, Canada in the North, Idaho in the East and Oregon in the south. It encompasses 71,303 square miles of land and is home to more than 8,000 lakes and at least 6 rivers. Because of its abundant evergreen forests, it is also the called “The Evergreen State”.

The state is divided into 6 regions: The Olympic Mountains are in the northwest corner with dense rain forests, the Coast Range is in the Southwest corner with beaches and forests, Puget Sound Lowlands with river valleys in the east of Coast Range, Cascade Mountains to the further east, the Columbia Plateau along the central-south with dry canyons and scablands, and the Blue Mountains in the southeast.


Since Washington’s climate changes from south to west, it is divided into two parts with Cascade Mountains: Western Washington and Eastern Washington.

Western Washington has a mild climate thanks to the ocean. Summer temperatures are around 70 – 80 ºF and winter temperatures don’t go below 40 – 50 ºF. Western part receives much more rain than its Eastern counterpart with annual precipitation exceeding 150 inches in some major regions.

Eastern Washington receives much less rain and the temperature shifts between seasons is greater. Summer temperatures can often go above 90 ºF and winter temperatures can even go below zero Celsius.


Because of its diverse geographical characteristics, there are many different campgrounds in Washington. Be it its ocean, lakes, dense forests or mountains, there is something for every type of camper in this state.

If you want extensive services with a chance to experience many different natural beauties like forests, lakes, beaches and mountains, Lake Wenatchee State Park is one of the best state parks to camp in.

To take part in Diablo Lake’s many water recreations, Colonial Creek Campground in the beautiful North Cascades National Park can be a great choice.

To enjoy the ocean with some beach camping, you can choose from many different campgrounds along the shoreline, but Pacific Ocean State Park is our favorite.

If you wish to take part in multiple activities along with unparalleled natural attractions, Bowl and Pitcher Campground in the Riverside State Park has something to do for everyone.

To find the ultimate peace inside the woods and open meadows while watching the wildlife, breathtaking nature of the Hidden Meadow Retreat is an amazing spot.

Best Time to Visit Washington for Camping

It depends, really. There are many different choices, but for standard family trips, Washington’s beautiful state parks have nearly all you can ask for. If you can book in advance, spring to early-summer is the best time to visit these parks since you will dodge the heat waves while still getting a chance to gaze at the state’s most astonishing natural attractions under a bright, warm sun.

Of course, late-spring and summer are holiday seasons, so if you want to get away from the crowds, camping in September can also make sense since the temperatures haven’t dropped yet and the schools are open, so people leave the campgrounds.

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