Camping Zion National Park

If you are looking for a national park with simple campgrounds and great views, Utah’s Zion National Park may be what you are looking for. Its diverse wildlife, geology and natural beauties must be on the bucket list of every avid camper. To learn everything you have to know before heading to this gem of a spot, just keep reading.


Zion National Park is located in the US state of Utah. It encompasses 229 square miles of land and is located on the junction of three major geographical spots: the Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin, and the Mojave Desert. The park houses a huge variety of different life zones because of its location, such as deserts, forests and woodlands.

Its geographical diversity includes natural attractions like natural arches, slot canyons, monoliths, mesas and buttes, and results in diverse wildlife and plant species. The park’s main attraction is Zion Canyon, which is 15 miles long and 2,620 feet deep.


Because of the changes in elevation, expect a wide range of weather conditions. Low humidity causes the differences in temperatures between day and night to go as high as 30 °F.

Hottest and driest days are in the summer, with average high temperatures often going above 95 °F. Springs are quite unpredictable as both sunny and rainy days are common, and temperatures start to rise. Early fall is still very hot (80 – 90 °F) from the summer, but temperatures drop towards winter. Winters are mild with average high temperatures around low-50s. Rains and storms are common during winter.


There are 3 campgrounds in Zion National Park. All of them allow RVs and trailers.

Lava Point Campground is a free first-come, first-served spot, located at the park’s highest point. It is often open from May to September. There are 6 campsites, but they are quite primitive and there is no water. There are only pit toilets and trash cans. Its golden valley scenery makes up for it, though.

Watchman Campground is located near the South Entrance and has amazing views of the monoliths in the park. You can make a reservation from March to October. The site is first-come, first-served other months.

South Campground has toilets, picnic tables and potable water available. There are no RV hook-ups, but generators and a dump station are available.

Best Time to Visit Zion National Park

To dodge the intense heat of the Zion National Park, forget summer months. Late spring and late-fall are the best times to visit. There are more people, yes, but it isn’t extremely hot and you still get the full experience. Winter months are colder and some services may be closed, but the rates will drop and there will be less visitors.

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