Saranac 160 Review

The water surface sport, canoeing, has taken its place among the most popular activities that take most people’s interest. Nowadays, anyone can find numerous types of canoes in the market, and each of them is particularly created according to people’s demand.

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160 Recreational Family Canoe is a perfect canoe if you want to buy a recreational family canoe. It was designed and created by the most famous company in this industry. Since they are the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of canoes and kayaks, they have spent over a century innovating boats, all while staying true to their Northeast heritage and a long legacy of quality craftsmanship.  Old Town presents an incredibly practical and well-designed canoe which performs great on the water and it is an amazing option for casual canoeists, families and anglers who are in search of a convenient recreational and fishing canoe.

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Technical Specifications

  • 16-foot entry-level rec canoe with built-in storage and contoured seats
  • Up to 3 paddlers
  • 16 feet length
  • 37 inches width
  • 18 inches bow height
  • 5 inches depth
  • 89 pounds weight
  • 850 pounds capacity
  • Thermoformed Polyethylene material
  • Generally used for fishing and recreation
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Saranac 160 Review

Top Reasons to Buy the Old Town Saranac 160 Recreational Family Canoe

It ensures comfortable seating with its two contoured seats and well-designed seat backs. Moreover, its center bench seat is perfect for smaller passengers and presents the highest convenience for your children.

It can be loaded up with gear and performs well on longer trips. It features fishing rod holders and paddle rests, as well as a 6-inch hatch for storage in the center seat.

Its thermoplastic hull is durable and provides high abrasion and impact resistance and a quiet time on the water. This canoe line uses a construction process that thermoforms a single layer of polyethene into the shape of a canoe, ensuring durability while keeping the weight down.

It is equipped with storage trays on each seat, including molded-in cup holders and molded-in paddle rest.

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As the title states, Great Family Canoe.
I wanted to pick up a canoe to get the family off their iPads, out of the house and on the lake, as we only live a block away. In shopping for a canoe, size and stability were priorities! After much research and numerous read reviews, I decided to purchase the Old Town Saranac 160. She's wide, flat, and seriously stable, quickly dispelling any jitters the little ones had about hitting the water. The seats are low and comfortable; the backrests are a huge bonus. We also found the integrated cooler and dry box convenient. At 95 pounds, I can get it on and off the truck by myself. I've read where people have complained about the bottom warping from being stored outside; I can't attest to this, as ours is garage kept. I purchased the ceiling-mounted canoe/kayak hoist, which seems to work perfect. The canoe did arrive via truck freight and is only shipped wrapped in heavy mill plastic. Ours arrived with a few minor scuffs and a scrape through one of the Old Town decals; nothing to complain about, in my opinion. All in all, this 16-footer was a fantastic purchase to get my family out on the lake, and we hope to enjoy it for years to come.

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Saranac 160 Review


Saranac 160 Review

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